Welcome to AlphaLab: The Cycle 13 Companies Are Here

We are excited to introduce the latest AlphaLab companies for our Summer 2014 cycle. (Cycle 13!)

Announced on Wednesday at Open Coffee, the new cycle of companies ranges from an app for moms to data visualization technology for touchscreens to collaboration software for musicians. Although the companies are different, there is a common thread between them — the founders are incredibly talented and driven. As Deborah Todd noted in the Post Gazette, the founders come from all backgrounds — from musicians to Rhodes Scholars. Vanessa Jameson of Covey recently left Google to build her company. The founder of SitWith, Will Lutz is a Navy Veteran and current MBA candidate at CMU’s Tepper School. The Nebulus team consists of musicians and software developers from Carnegie Mellon University.

 While several of the teams are from Pittsburgh, we also welcome Easely and ResearchWe to the growing Pittsburgh ecosystem. Ashwin Muthiah and Harris Gani of Easely are both from Atlanta; and the ResearchWe team moved here from the farthest, including the United Kingdom and California.

 OK … you’re probably thinking, “These founders sound great–tell me more about the companies!” So, we’ve provided a list of company descriptions below:

  • Covey is a location-based mobile app for moms to connect with other moms nearby without any planning. Covey will enable an engaged community of local parents and caregivers who can easily discover each other in the physical world for social outlet and support.

  • SitWith is a social discovery app that connects four people over a casual meal. SitWith creates great conversation and connects communities while removing the pressure of meeting new people.

  • Easely is a company that makes art more accessible to consumers by personally curating and delivering art to your door based on your preferences and taste. Easely’s renowned curating team has handpicked a collection of artwork from artists around the world available on Easely as originals, prints, or even everyday items like posters.

  • ResearchWe helps researchers expand their access to human subjects for research studies, such as paid clinical trials, psychological research, and focus groups. By  creating a centralized place allowing researchers the ability to advertise and manage their studies (and for consumers to find those studies), ResearchWe catalyzes discovery by crowdsourcing participants for research.

  • DataSquid is leveraging cutting edge data visualization technology developed at Carnegie Mellon University to help users gain new insights on their data by enabling them to slice, sift, stack, and pivot through data naturally with their fingers on a tablet.

  • Nebulus is creating Google Docs for music with its social music production platform which allows users to record music and collaborate over the cloud.

We are excited about these companies and believe in the tremendous potential for each of them to change the ways we connect, create and analyze. We will be posting more about the companies, including ways you can get involved to help them. Until then, be sure to stay tuned in on Facebook and Twitter for more fun ways for you to interact with this talented group.