Upcoming Event: Open Coffee Club at AlphaLab (Oct 1st at 9 AM)

This Wednesday, we’re hosting the Open Coffee Club of Pittsburgh at the AlphaLab offices at 2325 E. Carson in the Southside.

What is Open Coffee?

The main goal of Open Coffee is to make investment more transparent to entrepreneurs, and to move away from the formalized “pitch” to an open conversation. Investors can give entrepreneurs really valuable feedback, and this environment is meant to foster that in a pressure-free way.

The AlphaLab team will also be available to answer questions about our program and the open application cycle.

If you’re a entrepreneur this is a great event to have informal conversation, speak with others about your business, and learn about AlphaLab!

Open Coffee starts at 9 AM.  You can read more here (http://www.mypunchbowl.com/partypage/3b3e47b197ef0270)

Hope to see you there!