Restaurant waitlisting app NoWait rolls out mobile payments

Read full article on AlpahaLab alum NoWait via TechCrunch here.

Restaurant waitlisting service NoWait is known best by consumers for its mobile app that lets you virtually “get in line” at nearby restaurants like Chili’s and others, where formal reservations may not be accepted. This helps speed up the time it takes to grab a meal, as you don’t have to waste time waiting for a table to become available. Now the company is planning to speed up your dining outing at the end of the meal, too. It’s introducing mobile payments into its application so you can pay quickly, instead of having to wait for the check.

NoWait, for those unfamiliar, has been steadily growing its waitlisting service over the years, which includes a suite of subscription-based tools for restaurants that help them manage seating, server rotation, waitlists and reservations, and more.