Open Coffee Club Pittsburgh – July 27th

Mark your calendars for a very special Open Coffee Club sponsored by the PGH Taco Truck, one of Pittsburgh’s newest food trucks. The truck will come bearing gifts in the form of pastries, cookies, and a delectable surprise treat.

As always, the event is free and open to all so please bring anyone involved or interested in startups and entrepreneurship.

Open Coffee Club – Pittsburgh

When: July 27th from 9-11am

Where: AlphaLab (2325 East Carson St, Pittsburgh, PA)

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More on Open Coffee Club: 

The Open Coffee Club was started to encourage entrepreneurs, developers, and investors to organize real-world informal meetups to chat, network, and grow. This is a place to meet people, find out what’s going on nearby you, and then take part. Imagine it as a big open lounge where people come and go, talk to others in their industry, and informally showcase demos of what they are working on. The main goal of Open Coffee is to make investment more transparent to entrepreneurs, and to move away from the formalized “pitch” to an open conversation. Investors can give entrepreneurs really valuable feedback, and this environment is meant to foster that in a pressure-free way