Challenging Us to Think Big

We are looking forward to Ned Renzi, Partner at Birchmere Ventures and Birchmere Labs, joining us tomorrow for AlphaLab’s Info Night (Tuesday 3/18 5:30 pm) to talk about “Power Laws & Thinking Big.”

Ned is a valued mentor at AlphaLab/AlphaLab Gear and brings a unique and valuable perspective to the startup landscape. He has been in the venture industry for almost 15 years and has helped numerous companies to successful exits, including Cvent [CVT], Neolinear [acq by CDN] and TenMarks [acq by AMZN]. Ned also co-founded eLoop to sustainably recycle e-waste and FastFreight Expeditors, a logistics company so he understands both the investor and entrepreneur’s viewpoints. Ned also spends a lot of time in Silicon Valley and throughout the country so he combines his intimate Pittsburgh knowledge with a national perspective.

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We hope to see you tomorrow night at AlphaLab. Register here for AlphaLab Info Night