Joi Rogers


Chief Visionary Officer of RE:STUDIO

Greetings earthling,

Joi here, award-winning web designer and brand developer, with my head in “the cloud” and fingers in code. Since the curious age of 9, I’ve been banging at the keys, launching over 2000 ideas in 53 cities from Brooklyn to Berlin. Basically, I live for creating minimal yet bold themes. I built RE:STUDIO, a remote studio and non-profit, to co-create and teach founders. Here are 3 reasons why you want me on your crew: 1. My solutions tell a story. I create web experiences that turn browsers into buyers. My responsive designs are oozing with vibe and calls to action–the result: confirmed clicks and client conversion. 2. People are the center of my universe. Humans are at the core, and my work is sensitive to the feelings, desires, and design elements that inspire people to engage with each other and with you. 3. Agencies divide; studios build. As a land-bound astronaut, I spend the day authoring themes, optimizing landing pages, obsessing over brand guides, spreading love, crushing goals, mentoring, and motivating small teams. That’s it. That’s the pitch. I’m confident I can add a fresh-to-death, enthusiastic and collaborative spirit to your project. Let’s kick off. Book the time, and I’ll finalize your milestones:

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