Our mentor network is one of the most valuable aspects of the AlphaLab program. Our mentors are some of the top founders, investors and industry experts in the Pittsburgh region and beyond. They consist of entrepreneurs who have built and exited companies; current founders (many of whom are AlphaLab alumni) who recently tackled the challenges AlphaLab companies are facing; individual and institutional investors; and executives in corporate partners across many domains – including healthcare, financial services and retail.

Companies meet and interact with our mentors in a variety of ways. Our small cohort size (ranging from 5-8) ensures that founders will have an opportunity to meet 1:1 with mentors during meetups, talks, or through personal introductions. As a result, our mentors are able to provide relevant strategic and tactical guidance to our startups that is aligned with the company’s stage and goals. In the process, founders also expand their networks more quickly and with more than depth than on their own.