Meet the team behind VitalClip, iPhone accessory that helps you measure and understand your health

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The VitalClip team from left to right (James Patula, Steven Radney, Mark Musolino, Elliot Williams)

The Idea

VitalClip is creating an iPhone accessory that makes measuring your health easy and meaningful. Their small device plugs into your iPhone and uses its sensors in conjunction with the iPhone’s to measure your vitals. By combining this information with your personal health history and other environmental factors, VitalClip will spit out a snapshot of your well-being that is easy to understand.

As the popularity of things such as the Quantified Self Movement continue to rise so do the popularity of health and fitness monitors, but, as Steven Radney explains, many “activity monitors only give you information about activity and you have to extract meaning from that yourself.” VitalClip will differentiate themselves by extracting the meaning for you, making it easier than ever to understand and regulate your health.

The Team

CEO Steven Radney, a vet in the medical device field, is joined by James Patula, the team’s software architect, Elliot Williams, an interaction designer/services designer/cognitive scientist, and Mark Musolino, a scientist who is tasked with translating all the biometric sensor data into meaningful and easily digestible information.

VitalClip will be looking for alpha users and “alpha hackers” at the end of September. So if you’re a health and fitness nut, be sure to follow their progress on twitter.

Meet Steven Radney, CEO of VitalClip from AlphaLab on Vimeo.