Meet ComVibe: the app enhancing the rental experience

In the spirit of transparency and the anti-stealth movement, this cycle we wanted to try something different. Instead of keeping our newest companies “under wraps” for a month or two until Open Coffee Club (on July 22nd), we’re going to introduce you to a new AlphaLab company each week. Last week we introduced you to MakerCraft who’s making a customized jewelry design app. This week you’ll meet CommunityVibe.

The CommunityVibe team from left to right: Wesley Kim, Kariithi Kilemi, Vishal Agrawal (Not pictured: Harsimran Brar)

CommunityVibe’s primary product, the ComVibe web portal, came into existence after the core team members recognized the “limited online options for tenant management, and the disconnect that existed between tenant satisfaction and property manager services.”

After conducting extensive market research with 10 property managers in and outside the Pittsburgh region, the team built the first iteration of their product that they got five local property managers to test. After feedback from their alpha product, they were able to launch ComVibe last year: a software as a service application that helps property better manage and communicate with their tenants, market their properties and build a community around their properties.

With a working product and a paying customer, the team came to AlphaLab to polish up their sales cycle and enforce their value proposition, because, as Kariithi says, “at the end of the day, if we’re not creating value, we cannot charge for it.”

The CommunityVibe team includes Founder and CEO, Kariithi Kilemi, Wesley Kim who focuses on backend development, Vishal Agrawal working on user interface and the user-testing process, and Harsimran Brar who’s heading up product management.

Learn more about the ComVibe web portal by visiting or following them on twitter.

Meet Kariithi Kilemi, Founder & CEO of CommunityVibe from AlphaLab on Vimeo.