Introducing, the crowdsourcing delivery platform

In the spirit of transparency and the anti-stealth movement, we’re introducing you to a new AlphaLab company each week. In the past weeks you’ve met MakerCraft and CommunityVibe. This week it’s’s turn, a platform that aims to solve a major problem faced by many urbanites without a car.’s Co-Founders, Masami Shibatani (top) and Logan Powell

Ever come across something on CraigsList that you ultimately had to pass it up because you had no convenient way to transport it to your home? aims to solve this problem experienced by so many urbanites who don’t have access to a car or truck. The web platform uses crowdsourcing to facilitate the delivery of local items using amateur talent and idle time–or, in other words–anyone with a pickup truck who has some time on their hands and is looking to make a buck.

In short, Krowder aims to

  • enable people to sell things they normally wouldn’t be able to sell
  • help people buy things they wouldn’t have been able to get (because they’re busy, lazy, or just don’t have access to a vehicle)
  • capitalize on the economies of crowdsourcing

Logan Powell, the team’s Pittsburgh-based Co-Founder and head of Design and Marketing applied to AlphaLab after hearing about the program though his colleges at Carnegie Mellon’s Tepper School of Business. He has come here to build out the platform, gain traction, and prove out Krowder’s business model.

The team expands many timezones and aside from Logan includes Tokyo-based Co-Founder Masami Shibatani, a developer in St. Petersburg and a business development team from MIT based out of California.

To learn more about krowder visit, follow @krowderPGH on twitter or keep up with their blog.

Meet Logan Powell, Co-Founder of from AlphaLab on Vimeo.