Genius Pittsburgher’s App Lets You Design Your Own Jewelry

There’s a few things you ladies can do when you are hunting for a necklace to match a new outfit.

1. You can rifle through your jewelry box searching for the necklace that you bought that one time way-back-when for Tim’s brother’s friend’s babydaddy’s twice-removed-cousin’s wedding only to find it hopelessly knotted up with various other necklaces and chains in such a remarkable fashion that not even a sailor could untie them, at which point you grab the mangled mass of jewelry and whip it angrily into the garbage. Not that I’ve ever done that. Ahem.

2. You can choose a necklace from the store that sort of matches your outfit, even though it’s not exactly what you were hoping to find.

3. Use the new iPad app created right here in Pittsburgh by Pittsburghers: MakerCraft!

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