Easely Makes Art Easy

It’s confession time, guys.

I don’t get art.
It’s not that I don’t WANT to get art or that I don’t appreciate it, mind you, I just don’t get it. I don’t know what goes together or what looks good, and I’ve never been one for bright colors or, heaven forbid, MULTIPLE colors.
So, you’ll understand my excitement when I met for the first time with the companies in the current AlphaLab cycle and discovered one of the companies, Easely, could help me get over my ignorance to art.
As photographers themselves,the founders of Easely, Ashwin Muthiah and Harris Gani, have a good eye. Luckily for me, they’re not willing to just share their own good eye, but that of curators who take users’ personal tastes and suggest the art that fit them.
I was going to be into this regardless, but I knew I needed it after the looks I received when telling folks I painted my kitchen gray and accented it with white. I’m nothing if not adventurous!
After the fourth or fifth person gave me a courteous, “Sounds…nice,” I knew I needed to take advantage of Easely’s services, STAT.
I went to the site and clicked on “Get Started,” thinking the easy part was over. From talking with the founders, I knew there was a taste quiz, but I was imagining something along the lines of, “On a scale of one to 72, how does this painting make you feel in relation to the debate over the common core?”
You know we’ve all taken surveys like that.
I was more than pleasantly surprised, though, to see that not only was it a visual quiz, but I was asked the same thing about each piece presented: Do you like this piece? Better yet, I only had three answers to choose from: Yes, No, Neutral.
For those of us who get intimidated by art, saying yes, no, or I don’t care is such a simple way to get to the pieces perfect for us.
After I finished the promised two-minute quiz, I had the choice of seeing my automated suggestions or having a curator get in touch with additional choices.
That’s right. A real, live person.
After I made my choice, I headed to the payment page where I rented my piece.
Did I not mention that before? Easely is for renting.
While I love online shopping (my bank account is a testament to that), buying something to be hung in your home based on a photo is tough. Everything from the texture of the physical piece to the color contrast of your computer monitor plays into whether what you think you’re buying is what you’re actually getting. Through the rental subscription model, Easely takes the fear of buyer’s remorse out of the equation.
Love the piece? Fantastic. Once the cost of it is paid via the monthly subscription fee, it’s yours forever. Hate it? Send it back for something else. Have a fear of commitment and want to change it up every now and then? That’s your prerogative.
After no time at all, my piece arrived. While I knew the piece itself, I was pleasantly surprised to see the extra touches, including information about the artist. Now when people compliment me on the piece, I can talk about more than the aesthetics of it that made me like it.
And now, without further ado, I present the first (and only) piece of art in my home sweet home.

Try it out yourself, and let us know what you think in the comments.