Announcing AlphaLab’s 11th Cycle of Companies

Today we’re excited to announce our newest AlphaLab companies:

  • AthleteTrax is a web app that helps college athletic departments improve academic and athletic performance.
  • BudgetSimple is an online financial advisor that helps you answer the most important question, “Can I afford this?”
  • Collected helps users easily find and access content across the many web services used to create and edit documents.
  • Crowdasaurus hosts brandable crowdfunding communities for businesses and organizations to engage their user bases around funding campaigns.
  • DropKicker is a social accountability platform that encourages better health through habits.
  • MegaBits is one of the first massively multiplayer mobile games based on real-world physical locations.
  • ProfilePasser is a mobile platform that connects high school athletes with college recruiters, and increases interaction at events.
  • Spacefinity is an online marketplace to share unused storage space and rent it out to others.
  • Wing Ma’am is a mobile app that connects users with other LGBT women and notifies them of related events going on in their city.

As you can see, we’ve decided to take an unprecedented number of companies–and even selecting only nine was challenging. The increasing quantity and quality of promising startups in Pittsburgh is astounding. Our city’s supportive entrepreneurial ecosystem makes it a great place for a startup company or an entrepreneur looking to build his/her idea. For example, MegaBits, Spacefinity, and ProfilePasser all got their start from Startup Weekend Pittsburgh.

Please welcome our newest companies to the AlphaLab family, and join us on Thursday, July 25th at Open Coffee Club when you can meet them all in-person.

-Jim Jen, Executive Director, AlphaLab