AlphaLab Winter 2015 Application is Now OPEN!

Are you an early stage technology company with big ideas? Well, you’re in luck because we’re currently accepting applications for AlphaLab Winter 2015 Cycle. You can apply here.

What is AlphaLab, you ask? AlphaLab is a nationally-ranked startup accelerator program based in Pittsburgh, PA.  We’re also one of the first accelerators in the nation, so we have lots of experience helping companies to launch quickly and successfully. Each cycle we select 6-8 companies to participate in our program and receive funding, mentorship and office space. The cycle includes many opportunities to build your product as well as your network.The program culminates with AlphaLab Demo Day, a chance to introduce your company to the world.

Another great benefit of being in AlphaLab is the ability to build your network. AlphaLab is a program of Innovation Works, one of the nation’s most active seed stage investors which has built a network of portfolio companies, investors, and expertise that AlphaLab companies are encouraged to tap into. We’re also a charter member of the Global Accelerator Network which means that you have access to GAN mentors, tools, and perks. The GAN perks range from $1,000 in Amazon Web Services credits to $60,000 in Microsoft Azure credits and beyond. You will also have access to the AlphaLab Alumni Network. This means that you will have sessions and be given feedback from the founders of some great companies such as Don Charlton and Robb Myer.

The office space is pretty awesome too. We have lots of soda, and cabinets stocked full of snacks and coffee. You get your own space as well as a lot of shared space so that you can collaborate with fellow companies. Collaboration is a major part of AlphaLab, and we encourage you to learn from each other.

So you know about us, now we want to know about YOU! We see a lot of applications so you really want yours to stand out but, this does not mean writing your app using an etch-a-sketch or sending us flowers. Below are some tips on what we DO want:

1. Do Your Research.

Is AlphaLab right for you? Read up on our program.

Is your company ready for AlphaLab? Read up on our blog post.

Can your founding team handle this? Read up on our blog post.

2. Take time to fill out the application.

Make sure that you understand our questions and are answering them. We want you to be as specific as possible – whether it’s in the target market, problem/ use case you’re solving, what you know/what you don’t know and your plans to test, this is the time to tell us.

3. Ask questions.

If you’re filling out the application and realize that you want to talk about your company with someone from AlphaLab we’re happy to meet with you during our office hours.

Stay tuned to our Facebook and Twitter for more about the application cycle.