AlphaLab Summer/Fall 2009 Application Cycle is Now Open!


On Friday afternoon we began to take applications for the Summer/Fall 2009 AlphaLab session which starts on June 15th, 2009!

We’ve introduced a new phase of our application cycle this time around:  Early Action.  What is Early Action and what’s it all about?

Early Action is a great opportunity for applicants to be considered and potentially accepted earlier in our general application cycle.     Some highlights include:

  • Early Action applicants will be invited to a meet-n-greet event with AlphaLab staff where they can interact and ask questions.
  • Early Action candidates that are accepted to AlphaLab will be able to get an early start on working on their companies and have early access to AlphaLab resources.
  • If an applicant is not accepted as part of AlphaLab Early Action, they will be re-considered as part of the general application period.

Check out the Early Action FAQs for additional information.

Want to see the questions without having to start an application?  Check out the PDF of our application questions.

The Early Action deadline is April 17th, 2009.  Our general application deadline is May 15th, 2009.

For questions or issues, please send an e-mail to apply (at) alphalab [dot] org.

Good luck!