AlphaLab Demo Day: Post 1 – Drinking Smart with Rhomania

The real genius behind Rhomania is that the idea doesn’t require much genius. Co-Founders Darren Olson and Kevin McEachern simply found a big money problem they could solve and solved it. The problem: a simple wine list doesn’t make people want to order more expensive (and, for the restaurant, more profitable) wines. We all know this, when we look at a long wine list we tend to find a type we like (e.g. Chardonay) and order one of the cheaper ones. This isn’t necessarily because we can’t afford or wouldn’t pay for a more expensive bottle, but because we don’t know enough about them to determine whether they justify the excess price. That means that the very high margin, high cost bottle that the restaurant has had in stock for a year stays on the shelf (even though we would have loved it) and we’re drinking a very mediocre low profit bottle.

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