AlphaLab Demo Day in Pictures & Video

On May 11th AlphaLab’s five newest startups were introduced to the public during Demo Day.

This was the first time Demo Day was combined with Innovation Works‘ Annual Meeting and Investor Day. The near all-day event reporters started referring to as Innovationpalooza drew record numbers of investors, entrepreneurs, press and startup enthusiasts both in-person and online.

If you were unable to attend the event, you can now watch the archived footage of the companies’ pitches thanks to Vivo, a streaming video platform and an AlphaLab Alumni company from Cycle 3.



RhoMania makes restaurants more profitable by replacing their traditional drink list with an interactive tablet device designed to increase customer’s willingness-to-pay for more expensive, higher margin alcoholic beverage items, such as wine.

RhoMania AlphaLab Demo Day Pitch from AlphaLab on Vimeo.

Geneva Mars

GenevaMars presents Zachy the Robot, an exciting new interactive cartoon series for the iPad and other touch computing devices. Zachy the Robot teaches young children basic STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) concepts through fun stories and characters, fully animated content and engaging interactive puzzles.

GenevaMars AlphaLab Demo Day Pitch from AlphaLab on Vimeo.


Wawadoo is the recommendation engine for events, to answer the question “What do YOU want to do?” Wawadoo has captured much interest in recent months from media/blog coverage, business partnerships and early user feedback.

Wawadoo AlphaLab Demo Day Pitch from AlphaLab on Vimeo.


Tutor Technologies

Tutor Technologies delivers Intelligent Tutoring Systems for science and engineering. While the $20B e-Learning market continues to grow, intelligent e-Learning solutions for science and engineering are lacking due to the difficulty in handling these unconstrained domains. Our team, consisting of software, curriculum, research and education experts, is uniquely qualified to create a platform for these solutions.

Tutor Technologies AlphaLab Demo Day Pitch from AlphaLab on Vimeo.


Delirium creates sync-based products that work across web services, clients and devices. Our first product, Reverb, allows users to easily synchronize, share and back up their address book and contact information across address books and contact sources.

Delirium AlphaLab Demo Day Pitch from AlphaLab on Vimeo.