AlphaLab Community Grows, Tradition Endures

It’s official: Our newest and seventh cycle of AlphaLab companies have moved into our East Carson offices!

One of our favorite traditions at AlphaLab happens when we transition from one cycle to the next. All the entrepreneurs leave words of wisdom, inspiration, or encouragement for the incoming companies on their whiteboards, the bottom of their desks, and now–-thanks to the healthy dose of Lin’s Asian Fusion we eat each cycle–through fortune cookies.

As sad as it is to see Cycle 6 go, it’s exciting to usher in a new crop of companies to grow both the AlphaLab community and the greater entrepreneurial community in Pittsburgh.

We hope you’ll join us at the next Open Coffee Club to welcome our six new companies (date is still TBD) and until then, we invite you to take a look at some of the advice our previous companies left.

Can you guess which ones go with which company or entrepreneur? (Ok, one of them might be easier than the others.)

“GIVE ‘EM THE ZUCK!” – Olde Ancient Proverb

“When in doubt…CLEAR YOUR CACHE!”

Things you have to do by end of AlphaLab

  • Work at least one 100 hour week
  • Go to The Library happy hour with other teams for “Beer o’clock”
  • Engage in Foursquare battle for Mayor of AlphaLab
  • Stop Reading This and Call a Customer

“Beware lest you lose the substance by grasping at the shadow.” –Aesop

To Do:

    1. Talk to customers
    2. Nail your M.V.P.
    3. Remain Capital Efficient
    4. Ship! Ship! Ship!
    5. Change the World
    6. Hide the Scotch


Genius does what is must, and talent does what it can.
We are what we think.
This is your day! Expect great results with those ongoing works.

Live long and prosper…or at least get traction.