AlphaLab Alumni Updates

Things have been a bit hectic lately.

Aside from preparing for AlphaLab’s Demo Day, we are in the midst of selecting our 7th cycle of companies. While it has always been difficult to decide on which companies to take, this year it has been even more so, as we received the highest quantity and quality of apps since AlphaLab opened in 2008–definitely a good problem to have and just one of the great indicators of Pittsburgh’s blossoming entrepreneurial scene.

Today our SouthSide space is eerily quiet, as four out of the six companies located here are in Detroit participating in Funded by Night. Delirium, Tutor Technologies, Wawadoo, and NoWait are all among the small group of companies that were selected to pitch for a chance to win the $100k convertible note that will be given away at the end of the night.

Since you’ll be hearing all about our current cycle of companies soon enough at Demo Day, I thought now would be a good time to update you on what some of our alumni have been doing.

Bueda (Cycle 2) released a conversation platform that allows you to have conversations across multiple networks with anyone you’d like. And feel free to tune out of the conversation for a bit using the much appreciated mute button.

Careerimp (Cycle 5) launched Resunate, a web app that uses “Semantic Intelligence” to tailor your resume to individual positions you’re applying for–-a must in the days where most HR professionals are using applicant tracking systems that may automatically take your resume out of the mix if the right keywords aren’t there. Watch how Resunate can work for you:

This is Resunate from Career Imp on Vimeo.


Chogger (Cycle 1) launched the long awaited new version of their website, making it easier than ever to make and share comics on the web. Seriously. It’s insanely easy.


Both RhoMania (Cycle 6) and Black Locus (Cycle 4) were winners in Rice University’s Business Plan Competition. RhoMania took home the Best Presentation Award ($12k) and came in 5th for Darren’s creative elevator pitch. Black Locus won the Tech Transfer Award ($100k).


Shoefitr (Cycle 4) continues to receive lots of press for their 3D imaging technology for shoes that make both online buyers and sellers happy. After winning “Most Likely to be Acquired” at LAUNCH conference, their product has been featured in places like TIME, WebBeatTV, and in this nice piece from their alma mater. But the most impressive news lately may be that Shoefitr’s co-founder and CXO, Nick End (pictured in the middle), placed 29th in the Boston Marathon with a time of 2:22:30.