AlphaLab Alum Skill-Life Attends White House Announcement on Social Entrepreneurship


Felix Brandon Lloyd, President and CEO of Skill-Life, was invited by the White House to be present for remarks by President Barack Obama highlighting innovative social entrepreneurs around the country.  Felix remarked that “to be included in a group of social entrepreneurs that the President says are creating the most innovative solutions to our communities most challenging problems, is humbling and inspiring.”

The remarks were made by the President to call upon organizations to work together as well as to call attention to the $50 million innovation fund that is part of the Edward M. Kennedy Serve America Act.  The President thanked the attending organizations, saying “… today, I want to recognize that pioneering spirit and thank you all for the contributions that you’re making to our communities.”

Felix believes that the $50 million fund will “help take social enterprises like Skill-Life, Inc. to higher levels as will the fact that the President has established an Office of Social Innovation.”

Skill-Life, an alum of the Summer/Fall 2008 cycle of AlphaLab and 2007 Echoing Green Fellow, is developing a game-based platform through which tweens earn real-life rewards as they play games to teach life skills such as financial literacy, nutrition, and citizenship.  Skill-Life plans to release a beta version of their CentsCity product later this month.

For more information check out the Official White House Blog as well as the President’s complete remarks.