There’s a very supportive atmosphere in Pittsburgh. Everyone we meet is willing to help us and give us advice. You don’t find that in other cities. We can also afford to operate here on a much lower budget, which is making our job a lot easier.


-Matt Wilkinson, Shoefitr










Investment Opportunity

Pittsburgh is a great place to seek investment. Recently it has been named:


Our region’s 2012 VC investment increased by 18.1%, well above the national average. Local and national investors are attracted to our region because of our strong universities, developing technology and commercializing research.



Talent Pool

As home to over a dozen world-class universities including technical institutions like Carnegie Mellon (#3 in the World for App Developers) and research behemoths like the University of Pittsburgh, you won’t have to go far to find gifted employees. This city’s ability to attract top-talent from around the world is why tech giants such as Google, Apple, and Intel have set up offices here (and why you should too). And Vibrant Pittsburgh is helping to grow a diverse workforce in the region.



Affordable, High-Quality of Living

Pittsburgh’s low-cost of living gives you the unique opportunity to live a startup lifestyle, without a startup budget. Our region’s affordability combined with its low crime rates, arts and leisure activities, job opportunities, and income growth consistently earn it high marks on national and international surveys:



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Arts & Leisure

Pittsburgh may be a mid-sized city, but our cultural attractions rival most major ones. In fact, we have more cultural institutions per capita than any other city in the country. We are home to over 20 museums, and have our own opera, ballet company, and symphony (not to mention a few fairly well-known sports teams).

If you’re more of the outdoorsy type, we’ve got you covered too. Pittsburgh has dozens of parks, biking trails, hiking paths, and is one of the best cities for kayaking.

And hardware enthusiasts will be happy to know that we are home to the newest TechShop.